The grind is real today, folks. After pushing back the creative process of writing my song for weeks, I’ve been left a bit more behind than is comfortable. At the point I’m writing this blog, I’ve basically finished the writing portion. I still can’t quite figure out how to put the message into words, but with the upcoming sentence I’ll try my best. I’m afraid of growing up and I’m not sure how to deal with the ever-crawling prospect of time, so here’s some word-vomit. Yeah, that’s basically it.

So, having written my song and gotten a proper amount of feedback to revise it with, all that’s left needed to be done is recording, mixing, and mastering it. As seen in the past, that process usually takes a week if I’m doing that leisurely. However, with the winter break coming up after tomorrow, I won’t have the normal equipment to work with. I’m planning on signing out the necessary equipment with Mr. Hansen (I’ll have to ask him which ones exactly I’d be taking home with me, first) and getting my dad to drive me home.

Over the break, I’ll be recording all the sections. That means ukulele, voice, and any other sounds as needed. Hopefully my teachers won’t be too busy with their families and rock star parties to answer a few of my emails. Once I’m finished recording which should take me around two days, I’ll move on to adding effects and leveling the tracks. I’ll also be doing cover artwork for all of the songs I’ve released as a cool-down task. Other than that, I’ll be having a very merry Christmas, and I hope you do too.




Earlier this school year, each student listed three methods on their OneNote that would keep us organized. As we transition into the A-task oriented phase four of Propel, we have to keep these methods in mind more than ever. We’ve been asked by our teachers how well we think we’ve been doing this, I stopped and thought for a while. Looking back, I haven’t been working with these tips in mind as much as I should’ve been. Maybe that’s why I feel as if my B-tasks have been piling up recently.

After I finished my first 4th credit application and had a meeting with Mr. H, I missed Monday due to sickness. After coming back, I found out a new 4th credit method was implemented and now I have to do that one too. I also have a final project rubric to do, a phys. ed. assignment, and this blog to finish. With all that, plus a current event presentation to do this week, I haven’t got to work on my A-task, my project, at all.

However, looking at my organizational tips in my OneNote, I haven’t been straying too far from them. Number one, “Chuck your junk”, is still being practiced. A form of clearing the air from the smog of all your distractions. After I finished my current event presentation, I filed the documents into a folder in my O365 and organized the rest away. My second, “Try not to multitask”, is still daunting at first. I’m so used to juggling a few projects at once, and I didn’t realize how much that hurt my productivity until it was brought to my attention. But, once I started keeping that in mind, it’s been easier to focus. My last tip, “Use commute time to complete coordination tasks”, has been a blessing.

Starting next week, I’ll hopefully be able to work on my project again.

Just a Little Passive Aggressive

So, this morning the class got chewed out for not doing their health assignments. Imagine three adults sternly talking at a room full of silent teens. Only a few had handed in any of the assignments, so as well as feeling obligated to do our assignments, we had a lesson on organizing, which I felt was patronizing but not unneeded. Plus, for the lazier of the bunch (like me) who hadn’t finished the blog, we had to work on that too. I would just like to be treated as a peer rather than a child. However, I understand my track record isn’t very strong lately.

Mr. Patrician came to me while my GANTT chart was less than impressive. He didn’t get angry with me or insinuate that I was lazy, but helped me divide it into something easily readable. With his help, my chart went from only having three large blocks of time to eight reasonable-sized blocks. I left the conference feeling pleasantly surprised. What happened this morning, however, felt the opposite.

I know that I’m an extremely sensitive person. I cry the second I hear a harsh tone in someone’s voice directed at me. I say sorry so much that I’m pretty sure my friends have learned to tune it out. Lastly, I know I brought this situation on myself. We all did– those who neglected to do their assignments, that is. I know that I need to stop procrastinating on these health assignments, worrying so much that I don’t get to doing, even just feeling sorry for myself. I need to stop doing what I’ve been doing so far this semester. That’s why finding the tips for organization that I did is the only thing I think went well today. Now, I feel confident in these tips.

These tips include “chuck your junk”, which means to clear out unneeded files from where you are working. “Try not to multitask”, by eliminating distractions (i.e., conversations with peers, music, B-tasks, etc.). The teachers even pointed my tips in the list as good ones.

Now, as far as GANTT goes, I feel relatively safe. I’m on or ahead of track for the most part, and the chart even shows me ending early. However, with the health assignments and other collaborative work may prevent my full attention. Looking forward I feel worried, but that’s nothing new. I worry until it’s done. Don’t worry, I’m going to change that soon.

And the Earth Took a Breath

This past weekend, my dad brought Malachi and I out of the city to look at the stars. I sipped on my peppermint tea and stared up at the sky, getting my eyes used to the darkness. Winnipeg’s light pollution existed only in a corner of the horizon. We stood there, beside our car for an entire half hour, and in that time I counted nine shooting stars. By around the fourth, I asked my father to retell the story of the time he saw the clouds being formed.

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Dipping my Toes in

Remember how I kept saying I didn’t know what I wanted to do this semester? Okay, you might not remember depending on whether you’re in this program with me or not, but I remember saying that a lot. In fact, even on my big picture goals I struggled to choose one path to follow. There was visual art, which I still identify with and have strong bonds to; and there was music, which I’ve never delved into before despite being surrounded by it all my life. When I had my first meeting with Mr. H concerning my project, he pushed me towards the unknown. Of course he would, I thought, he’s a music-man.

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Propel: The Returning

I don’t know how I’m going to start this blog. Now that I’ve written it down, I’ll go with this one begrudgingly. Really, how am I supposed to do the weight of this blog any justice? My last “first” blog for Propel (side-note: it will always be ProPEL to me, Mr. P) means I have left a permanent mark on a program I won’t get to partake in again. All my firsts in Propel have come and gone, but I want this semester to count too.

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Moments of Peace Between the Battles

After months of work, I can’t believe this is how I’m ending the year. Today is the last day I’ll see all my new friends for the rest of the year. The winter break can’t go by fast enough. At the same time, though… I’m looking forward to the break.

At the moment, I’m sitting in the classroom next to my friend Josh. We’re working on our blogs in partial silence and listening to his playlists over the speakers. I can see my friends Dane and Victoria chatting and taking snapchats together in-between working on their projects. I see Cecilia pacing anxiously while thinking about what her blog will be about. Julia is helping calm Cici down while walking in and out of the class in cleaning-mode. I can see Joe, in my peripheral, opening the wordpress site. Adam works non-stop on his project on the couch behind me. Everyone else is down in the gym for a varsity volleyball game.

In this moment, I feel at peace about where my project is, but still anxious about where it may take me in the month to follow. I feel so thankful that I have been given this oppurtunity in the first place, and so determined not to put it to waste.

ProPEL has given me the motivation I have only ever wished for. My new friends have inspired and supported me through all my panic attacks, my roadblocks and mood swings. For that, I’m eternally grateful. I believe that after the semester, What this program has taught me will stay for a long time. That being said, I need to grill at home. My brother’s computer has photoshop, and Mr. H has allowed me to bring home a graphics tablet to work with. I should have no reason other than laziness to draw finals over then.

P.S., no pictures this time.